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Times New Roman - Times New Roman is a serif typeface, developed for The Times (London) newspaper in the early 1930s, designed by Stanley Morison together with Starling Burgess andVictor Lardent, and produced by the Monotype Corporation. Although no longer used by The Times, it is still widely used for typesetting books.

Sample of Times New Roman

A version of Times New Roman was produced by Monotype for Microsoft, and distributed with every copy of Microsoft Windows since version 3.1. As with Times on the Apple Macintosh, it is used as the default font in many applications, especially web browsers and word processors.

Times New Roman is Microsoft's name for the TrueType version of Times New Roman PS, a narrower variant of Monotype's classic Times New Roman typeface. The PS version was introduced to match the metrics of Times Roman (a PostScript core font by Linotype). It has the lighter capitals which were originally developed for printing German (where all nouns begin with a capital letter). In 2004, the U.S. State Department announced that as of February 1, 2004, all US diplomatic documents would use Times New Roman 14 pt instead of the previous Courier New 12 pt.

Sample of the Times New Roman typeface

The following paragraph is in Times New Roman if it is installed on your machine. If not, a monospace font is used. Note that this sample may include characters which are not present in the font, in which case some user agents may substitute a different font to display these characters.

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